September 30, 2001

where have all the shops gone?

With the popularity of bmx at an all-time high, you'd think it'd be easy to buy bikes and bike parts at your local bike shop. You'd think that, but you'd be wrong.

In San Francisco, there's a plethora of shops, but they cater to two specific groups: the psycho road riders (the messenger crowd and people that put hundreds of miles on their bike each week training) and the marin mt. bike crowd. During most of the 1990's the market for bmx dropped out, and although you can turn on ESPN, ESPN2, or FoxSports and see bmx any day of the week, the shops haven't caught up quite yet. When I tore a hole in one of my grips today (from wear), I realized I wouldn't be replacing it anytime soon. I'll probably have to place an order at FlatlandFuel, the only place I know of online that stocks exactly the parts I need.

Maybe this was one of the big reasons why the internet was supposed to be big?

[10:40 PM]

first post!

I needed a place to store bicycle-related bits, give them a place of their own, so here you have "ride," my riding blog. I'll be posting mostly bmx/freestyle crap, but also mt. bike stuff I've been doing.

And in case you were wondering, yeah that's me in the header graphic. I took my camera with me today when I went to pratice at the local high school. To get a good shot, I had to use the self-timer on the camera, run out about 30 feet, then jump into a trick. It took about ten tries to get something where my head wasn't cut off and I was turned sideways (I'm spinning in the trick above).

[09:44 PM]


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