M A T T H E W  A.  H A U G H E Y
San Francisco, CA

Objective Currently seeking full time or contract work that blends my front-end design and interface knowledge with my backend database and scripting expertise. Also interested in consulting on community or weblog-related projects.
Expertise I've been designing websites since 1995, working with computer graphics since 1993, and doing scripting & database work since 1998. The following examples demonstrate my expertise in various areas.

I've been using Photoshop on a daily basis for over five years. I designed the layout and artwork for the following sites and feel it represents some of my best work.

Creative Commons: Clean and simple design of a text-heavy site explaining a new non-profit's goals of changing copyright for the future, entirely done in CSS and XHTML standards.
A Whole Lotta Nothing: Design entirely in CSS and XHTML strict standards, but an attempt to still be colorful and push the limits of the medium.
MetaFilter: low bandwidth and few graphics for fast loading, yet still quite colorful. Interfaces designed specifically for ease of use, to allow a community to build quickly around the site.

I know and use a variety of scripting languages. My strongest is ColdFusion (completed their Fast-Track training from an Allaire certified instructor), with Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) being my next strongest language. I'm familiar with PHP, XML, and XSL as well. I've worked extensively with Microsoft SQL 7.0 and 2000 server and its variety of databases, and understand standard SQL. Working on MetaFilter and Blogger has also taught me quite a bit about scaling issues, database optimization, and how to write efficient web applications.

MetaFilter: extensive MS SQL database programming and tuning, combined with an interface built in ColdFusion allows for reader-submitted and edited content. Over 9000 registered users and thirty thousand page views daily.

NASCPD: national association site built pro-bono in eight hours as a part of a competition at Web2000. Database-backed site allows new owners to edit any page of the site, without requiring knowledge of HTML or programming.

Experience CREATIVE DIRECTOR     February 2002-Present
Responsible for the design, layout, and interaction of the Creative Commons website and license service as well as user education, weblog, and featured content on the site.

Creative Commons: Designed the entire site, continually refining the task flow of the license application interface.

INTERACTION DESIGNER     July 2001-September 2001
Evaluated Bitzi's web application design and interaction with a focus on improving usability and conveying appropriate information to users and visitors while retaining deep technical information for web services. Designed interfaces on web functions and client side applications. Helped plan, build, and test new community building features of the site and service.

Bitzi.com: Redesigned the index page, refined task flow at various stages in the application interface, developed alternate interfaces for small devices.

UI DESIGNER     January 2001-May 2001
Designed GUIs and interfaces to a variety of web applications. Designed preliminary company site and developer community area. Helped plan expanded developer relations site and company launch.

KnowNow.com: Designed the pre-launch look of the company's marketing and developer sites, planned the development of the developer site, designed application interfaces.

DEVELOPER/DESIGNER     April 2000-January 2001
Primarily integrated backend ASP scripting with frontend designs. Created graphics, layouts, and interface designs for Pyra and Blogger applications. Helped develop community around the product including extensive support.

Blogger.com: implemented ongoing changes to the interface, content, and coding behind the Blogger website. Helped with new feature development and integration. Wrote articles and tutorials for the documentation sections.

Blogger Support: Designed support site entirely in XML and XSL, with a ASP scripting layer to put it all together. Continued to maintain and support users in the forums.

Blog*Spot: aided in the design and implementation of a free hosting Blogger service with over 15,000 sites created. Modified the Blogger sign-up process to allow for Blog*Spot, designed templates for both Blog*Spot and Blogger users, and maintained the site and community around Blog*Spot.

Wireless Blogger: Created, built, and tested Wireless Blogger for use at Web2000 by Palm Vx users equipped with wireless modems. Wireless Blogger is a specialized mini-version of Blogger, and I designed all graphics and layouts specifically for the connected PDA. Backend integration with Blogger's Java application framework was done by making remote XML calls, and parsing the results through the DOM, with ASP.

WEBMASTER/WEB DEVELOPER     December 1997-March 2000
Responsible for creating graphics, layouts, and interface designs for all web based projects in the Social Sciences Computing Group. Provided internet programming support for Social Sciences Division Departments as well. Tested latest internet technologies (streaming audio, video, database backends) for use in course instruction. Also provided webmaster support for the Division server.

Social Sciences Computing: Design, coding, and site architecture of the computer group site

Social Sciences Division: Design, coding/scripting, and site architecture of the division's site, representing 10 departments and over 30 programs at UCLA.

Classweb: Designed all interfaces to a database-backed suite of application tools used to build over 350 sites each quarter at UCLA, including a rich backend set of administration tools and help for those tools.

Anthropology Department: design, coding, and maintenance of the project.

Worked on numerous projects in different capacities. The majority of work entailed creating and working with graphics, layouts, and interface designs on small business and college department sites. Two projects involved overhauling e-commerce sites, which included some design work, some database integration, and some project management. Several projects required management of assistant illustrators and programmers.

The Megway Project: A tongue-in-cheek parody of Segway.com that included the design of a splash page in Flash, short video clips, audio clips, and photography for the site. Over the period of two days I shot over 100 photographs and shot about half an hour of video, editing down everything and launching the site with a collaborator over the course of an additional day.

PeterMaass.com: Designed a lightweight, custom content management system for this published book and magazine author. The system allows him to upload new articles via a web interface, keeping readers up to date on his latest work (January 2001).

UCLA Stroke Center: Design, layout and interface work to remodel an old site (Jan-Feburary 2000).

BioWeb (Saunders College Publishing): Created original design and layout of online "magazine" for a college textbook publisher. Total work included coding almost 50 pages, hundreds of graphics, three navigation systems, and a dozen different page layouts. Worked entirely offsite for the Philadelphia company, and managed one illustrator (January-March 1999)

Education M.S. and B.S. degrees in Environmental Science, from UC Riverside, 1993-1997
Skills HTML 4.01, XHTML, CSS ( level 1 and 2), XML, XSL, ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, SQL, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, video & audio editing, interface design, visual design, application planning, application building, community building, writing, editing.
Extras My personal community project, MetaFilter.com, has a membership of over 13,000 users and serves up over a million and a half pageviews each month from a single server I administer. It has garnered a lot of recent press (full list), as the subject of stories and mentioned in a variety of press outlets including Brill's Content (cover photo and story about the community), Slate, Wall Street Journal, Wired News, The New York Times, Salon, the New Yorker, Guardian UK, seen on TechTV, and the TV show CNNdotcom.

Community involvment:

SXSW 2002 Interactive Festival, Panel Speaker, 2001 Interactive Festival Panel Organizer, 2000 Interactive Festival, Panel Speaker
Web2001 panel speaker
Web2000 participant in the Cool Site in a Day competition

Articles written in various industry online publications:

Building an Online Community: tutorial article focused on building and properly maintaining a large online community, drawn from my experiences with MetaFilter. Written for Digital Web

Tester's Delight: cross browser/platform testing guide for prototyping sites, written for A List Apart, an online web design magazine with a readership in the tens of thousands

A Recap of the 30th Anniversary of the Internet Celebration at UCLA: Can also be seen here, with images I took as well. Written for Slashdot, a news site with daily readership in the hundreds of thousands


Technical Editor for Hungryminds (formerly IDG books) on web authoring and programming titles.

Featured interview in the book Design for Community by Derek Powazek.
References Available upon request