M A T T H E W   A.   H A U G H E Y

I've been designing websites since 1995, working with computer graphics since 1993, and doing scripting & database work since 1998. In the past year, I've been working with XML, XSL, and XHTML as well. The following examples demonstrate my expertise in various areas.

::: DESIGN :::
I've been using Photoshop on a daily basis for over three years. I designed the layout and artwork for the following sites and feel it represents some of my best work. Additionally, there's a page of mockups and development screens, from a variety of projects in the past few years.

I know and use a variety of scripting languages. My strongest is ColdFusion (completed their Fast-Track training from an Allaire certified instructor), with Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) being my next strongest language. I'm familiar with PHP, XML, and XSL as well. I've worked extensively with Microsoft SQL 7.0 and 2000 server and its variety of databases, and understand standard SQL. Working on MetaFilter and Blogger has also taught me quite a bit about scaling issues, database optimization, and how to write efficient web applications.


DESIGNER March 2002-present
In charge of all aspects of design for the organization including layout and coding, interface design, and user experience.

INTERACTION DESIGNER July 2001-September 2001
Evaluated Bitzi's web application design and interaction with a focus on improving usability and conveying appropriate information to users and visitors while retaining deep technical information for web services. Designed interfaces on web functions and client side applications. Helped plan, build, and test new community building features of the site and service.

UI DESIGNER January 2001-May 2001
Design GUIs and interfaces to a variety of web applications. Designed preliminary company site and developer community area. Helped plan expanded developer relations site and company launch.

DEVELOPER/DESIGNER April 2000-January 2001
Primarily integrated backend ASP scripting with frontend designs. Helped create graphics, layouts, and interface designs for Pyra and Blogger applications.

WEBMASTER/WEB DEVELOPER December 1997-March 2000
Responsible for creating graphics, layouts, and interface designs for all web based projects at Social Sciences Computing (SSC). Provided internet programming support for Social Sciences Division Departments as well. Testing latest internet technologies (streaming audio, video, database backends) for use in course instruction. Also provided webmaster support for main Division server sites which averaged about 40,000 page accesses everyday.

Worked on numerous projects in different capacities. The majority of work entailed creating and working with graphics, layouts, and interface designs on small business and college department sites. Two projects involved overhauling e-commerce sites, which included some design work, some database integration, and some project management. Several projects required management of assistant illustrators and programmers.

M.S. and B.S. degrees in Environmental Science, from UC Riverside, 1993-1997

::: BOOKS :::
My writing has appeared in these books, either as a co-authorship or contribution:

I've also served as technical editor of the following books:

::: EXTRAS :::
My personal community project, MetaFilter.com, has a membership of over 17,000 users and serves up over a million and a half pageviews each month. It has garnered a lot of recent press, as the subject of stories and mentioned in a variety of press outlets including Brill's Content (cover photo and story about the community), Slate, Wired News, The New York Times, Salon, the New Yorker, Guardian UK, seen on TechTV, and the TV show CNNdotcom.

Community involvement:
East Bay CHIWEB speaker, March 2002 "The Design of Online Communities"
SXSW 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 Interactive Festival Panel Organizer/Speaker
Web2001 Panelist speaker, Participant in the Cool Site in a Day competition at Web2000

Articles written in various industry online publications:

References Available upon request

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