November 30
Today is World AIDS Day, and as part of that, I changed the look of MetaFilter and posted a few thoughts on this Day Without Weblogs. I'm still working on getting my New Orleans photos online.

November 28
Whew! Five days away from a computer felt great. Although, it's getting tougher to stay away that long. I turned off most of my discussion list email before I left, and I still had over 250 messages waiting when I got back. I'll upload pics from New Orleans later tonight.

November 22
I've been busy at work. Last Friday, the Political Science department site that I designed went live. I've done 3 other sites at UCLA that are going online soon. Starting tomorrow, I'm off to New Orleans for a few days. Tonight, I'm setting up a database-backed page to upload photos to while I'm there. As long as I find internet access in 'Nawlens, I'll link to them here.

November 17
The Philip Greenspun talk at Caltech was great. I got to hang out with Joe Crawford and I had a blast. Time to start learning tcl/AOLserver. Tomorrow should be an epic day. I'm going to see some of the folks from the Buena Vista Social Club in concert, if you haven't seen the movie yet, it's coming out next month on video/dvd.

November 13
I forgot to update this page yesterday, but I wrote a story at about Napster, a new mp3 app for windows. I was going to update MetaFilter this weekend, but I screwed around all day, and tomorrow I'm going to see Philip Greenspun talk at Caltech.

November 11
What a difference a day makes. I sold my car to a nice guy that has a site dedicated to hopped up Hondas. He's going to turbo-charge it soon. Cool. Also, today at work, I got to order a new workstation from SAG, a 700Mhz PIII which should be here next week. Woo hoo! I'm still sick though.

November 10
What a crappy day. First I spend half the day grappling with browsers choking on my basic code, then tonight, I had to miss a free showing of Man On the Moon because my fever, sore throat, and cough went from slight illness into full blown sickness. I hate being sick.

November 9
Money can't buy hapiness, but it can buy my old car. If you know anyone in LA that needs a cheap, fast commuter car, feel free to let me know. Oh yeah, and I got a new digital camera!

November 8
I've overhauled a site I recently did for a small firm. It's now entirely database-backed, allowing the owners to edit any page through a simple web browser interface.

November 7
There's a lot of changes going on at this site. I'm going to scrap the current interior of this site, move my portfolio to another area (a new site), and reorganize everything else.

November 6
I just saw Being John Malkovich. Wow. It was a great concept, with cool sets and great acting. Oh yeah, and puppets, how can I forget the puppets? Go now and see it.

November 1
I'm up to my neck in projects, but decided I should at least have something timely on this site to read. I'll be adding a quick blurb here every few days, to let everyone know what I'm up to.