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The Big One
- four and 1/2 stars (of five) - $$$ (of 3)
     Michael Moore once again has one hell of a documentary on America that everyone should see. Half TV Nation, half Roger & Me, its a chronicle of Michael's book tour last year, where he attempted to meet as many CEOs as he could. Along the way, he meets hundreds of americans feeling the wrath of downsizing. This is what documentaries are supposed to be like, by the end of the film, you'll want to do something to change the way things are, and that's a good thing. - M.H. (3.16.98)

Primary Colors - four stars (of five) - $$$ (of 3)
     Everyone turns in great performances in the extremely well-written movie about american politics in the late 1990s. I hope the academy can remember this one come next March. A fabulous story that is more non-fiction than fiction, it makes you think about how politics is done in this country. Run to the theater to see this one. - M.H. (3.30.98)

As Good As It Gets - four stars (of five) - $$$ (of 3)
Jack Nicholson is great in this movie, another emotional roller-coaster from James L. Brooks. This is great storytelling as we watch the interaction of several totally different peoples' lives. Melvin (Jack Nicholoson's character) is an asshole plain and simple, but he has his moments. Other characters in this movie aren't perfect either, but they all share incredible moments where the truth is revealed; all sweet, painfully true, emotionally exposed moments. Everyone in the cast does an excellent job as well, run to the theater to see this one. - M.H. (12.30.97)

Good Will Hunting - four stars (of five) - $$$ (of 3)
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were great in this movie they wrote together, which was directed by Gus Van Sant (My Own Private Idaho, among others). Robin Williams is terrific in his role as a junior college professor/therapist, rivaling his work in Awakenings, he does a great job in serious roles that he rarely gets credit for. The story is slightly predictable, but you want the main character to get the girl so it doesn't seem forced. Good performances all around and a great story. - M.H. (12.27.97)

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