This site was originally designed for students going out to the movies, so you could know if you were going to get your money and time's worth out of it. I am a busy graduate student, and I really love movies. I felt there was nothing on the web to fill this niche.
The rating system was designed to quickly summarize these things. There is the standard x out of five stars for overall quality of the experience. Five stars is an epic, drop everything and go see it. Four stars is pretty damn good movie-making and worth a night out. Three stars is ho-hum, pretty good fare that will still be worth seeing sometime. Two stars is not worth your time, and one star is garbage. The second rating is a dollar sign rating, x out of three $'s. $$$ would indicate that the movie is well worth your time and money, maybe even worth seeing at night for full admission (although students should check with your student services dept for discount tickets). $$ would indicate that it may be worth your time, but it's probably best to try and see a matinee to save some dough. A single $ would indicate that it's not worth your time or money, maybe wait for it to go to video.

The Reviewers

My name is Matthew Haughey, I set up the site, and I will do most of the reviews myself. I am finishing up my master's in Soil Chemistry at the University of California, Riverside. Feel free to check out my home site.
I love movies, and I try to see at least one a week, which is pretty easy to do since a brand-new Cinemastar theater opened up across from campus. Please mail me with any comments you have at or

Some of my favorite movies of all time are (in no particular order):
The Star Wars Triology
The Blues Brothers
Shawshank Redemption
This is Spinal Tap
The Usual Suspects
Dr. Strangelove
So I Married an Ax Murderer

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