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I found this list somewhere on a hotline server, it looks like it came out a while ago. I doubt it is entirely accurate, as it is mostly based on rumors, but friends with studio connections have confirmed at least half of these as being real. Check it out, and I think you'll agree there seems to be too many sequels and movies based on video games coming out next year.

1999 FILM INDEX (Opens Mid-Late 1999)

200 Cigarettes
On New Year's Eve 1981, a group of friends will find their lives will be drastically changed. Stars Ben Affleck, Courteney Love, Christina Ricci, Sara Gilbert, Paul Rudd, and Janeane Garofalo

8 Millimeter
A woman hires a detective (Nicolas Cage) to find out who shot the pornographic images of her husband on an 8mm film reel, and soon the shooter is after him.

Based on the Michael Crichton novel. When a major disaster occurs onboard an airliner, a female executive at the plane company investigates to find the cause and discovers she has become a pawn in a much larger game that could cost her life.

American Psycho
Based on the controversial best-seller. Patrick Bateman (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a young Wall St. whiz-kid by day, but a cold-blooded serial killer and torturer of young women by night. This is his story in gruesome detail.

At First Sight
A blind man (Val Kilmer) falls in love with a woman (Mira Sorvino) who convinces him to undergo experimental surgery to recover his sight. However once he does, he also sees his life as it is and questions the relationship.

Austin Powers 2: It's Shagging Time
That swinging super-spy from the 60's is back to stop the nefarious Dr. Evil from executing another of his hideous schemes.

Batman: The Dark Knight (June)
Batman must stop 'The Scarecrow', an unstable psychology professor trying to perfect a deadly 'fear toxin'. When Batman is infected with it, he must face his own inner demons.

Carrie 2
Sequel to the film based on the Stephen King novel. A young girl with psychokinetic powers seeks revenge on the students who bullied and humiliated her in front of the school.

Charlie's Angels
Jenny McCarthy, Jada Pinkett & Michelle Yeoh are the new 'Angels' in the film version of this hit series.

Deep Blue Sea
On a top-secret ocean installation, genetically-enhanced sharks break out of their captivity and those on the base must escape alive before they die.

Based on the Stephen King novel. In the desert town of Desperation, Nevada; a group of people must stop an evil force in the shape of a cop who has brought them there.

Die Hard 4
John McClane is back and goes hunting through the Central American jungles to stop a group of terrorists. Ben Affleck rumoured to star as McClane's sidekick.

Based on the hit computer game. When a group of monsters from Hell's depths make it into our universe and head for Earth, one tough space marine is the only one who stands in their way. Its splatter time!!.

Duke Nukem: The Movie
Based on the computer game. Duke Nukem (Dolph Lundgren) must stop an evil alien race from taking over the world.

A young video clerk (Matthew McConaughey) wins a competition to have a camera crew follow him around every minute of the day. Also stars Ellen DeGeneres, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Hurley.

Eyes Wide Shut (February)
A married pair of psychiatrists (Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman) have affairs with their patients. Directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Forces of Nature
Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock and Maura Tierney star in this drama

Freddy vs. Jason (Summer 1999)
Two of the greatest horror icons ever, Freddy Krueger from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th" battle it out.

Ghostbusters III
First of a two-movie story. Those supernatural-busting heroes are back to face their greatest challenge yet.

Inspector Gadget
An explosion kills a detective who is reanimated with all sorts of robotic appliances for limbs, which he uses to hunt down his arch-nemisis 'Claw'.

A reclusive professor (Anthony Hopkins) whose been living with primates for years kills a man. Now a young lawyer (Cuba Gooding Jr.) must defend the man.

Judgement's Fall
Based on the novel 'Brother Termite'. As the millenim draws to a close, its revealed that the Preident's senior advisor is an alien who has been adjusting policies to prepare Earth for alien colonisation.

Killing Mrs. Tingle
A group of students plot to kill their bitchy teacher Ms. Tingle (Helen Mirren)

A man (Keanu Reeves) living in 1997 has dreams of being wired into a 'digital matrix' in the future, and soon believes everything around him isn't real.

On an underwater expedition a scientist (Patrick Stewart) spots a 'Megalodon', a giant pre-historic shark thought to be extinct. The creature destroys the vessel, and only he survives. He begins a quest to find the creature, ignoring his friend's warnings.

Pitch Black
A sci-fi film in deep space, from the writer/director of "The Arrival" - David Twohy

Pressure Point (007)
James Bond is back in the 19th Bond film. Robert Carlyle is rumoured to be the villain, as is Mary Page Keller as femme fatale 'Electra'.

Resident Evil
Based on the hit computer game. In a remote forest reports of monsters and murders force a group of specially-trained operatives to investigate. The trail leads to an old house where genetic experiments have gone horribly wrong and they must escape.

Scream 3
After leaving college, Sidney goes to Hollywood to become an actress. Her first role is in a cheesy horror movie, and the cast are soon being killed off one-by-one.

South Park: The Movie
Kyle, Cartman, the always dying Kenny, Chef, Mr Hand, and all your favourites are set to bring their risque humour to the big screen.

Star Wars: Episode 1 (May 21st)
Set 30 years before the original 'Star Wars', this film follows young Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi who tries to teach young Anakin Skywalker the ways of the force. Most FX shots in history.

The Corruptor
A police officer (Chow Yun-Fat) under influence by Chinese gangsters, takes on a rookie partner (Mark Wahlberg). What he doesn't know is that the partner is in fact from internal affairs.

The Green Mile
Based on the Stephen King serial novels. On death row, the lives of several murderers, guards, the warden, and an innocent man intertwine.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet
Henry Limpet falls into the ocean and is turned into a talking fish. He soon becomes vital to the US Navy assiting them to destroy enemy submarines.

The Lord of the Rings
Based on the famous novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. In the world of Middle-Earth, a hobbit becomes the key player in the war over the land's fate - events tied to a ring of mystical power which drains the wearer's will but gives them amazing abilities.

The Mod Squad
They're the hippest team of police detectives around. (Claire Danes) (Omar Epps) (Giovanni Ribisi).

The Nutty Professor II
Prof. Sherman Klump (Eddie Murphy) is back and now several years after he destroyed the 'slimming formula', it's after effects kick in and once again Buddy Love wants to become dominante.

The Sky is Falling
Two priests on an archaeological expedition uncover evidence that God doesn't exist, and proceed to go on a murderous 'rape & pillage' spree. The Vatican is forced to hire a 'born-again' Christian assassin to take the priests out and destroy the evidence.

The Wild Wild West
Based on the 60's series. Two undercover U.S. Treasury agents named James T. West (Will Smith) and Artemus Gordon (Kevin Kline), are sent undercover in the Mid-West during the civil war.

Tomb Raider: The Movie
Based on the megahit computer game. Lara Croft (Elizabeth Hurley), daughter of an English lord and the sole survivor of a plane crash, travels the world in search of history's greatest treasures.

Virus (January)
A salvage crew discover an abandoned Russian vessel, and soon something aboard it begins killing the crew and slowly assembles a device that could kill us all.

Wing Commander: The Movie (February)
Col. Blair and his squadron enroute to a battle discover the Kilrathi have rigged a Confed ship into a weapon of mass destruction.

December 1999, and the full effect of 'millenium bug' is about to hit, causing some of the most vital computer systems in the world to crash. One young computer genius may have a way to fix the problem, but there are others who will kill anyone trying to stop it.

2000 FILM INDEX (Opens Mid-Late 1999)

Alien 5
Fifth film in the series. Ripley and Call are now on Earth, but so are the aliens who quickly multiply and start taking over the city.

Fantasia 2000
New version of the famous Disney musical which combined classical pieces of music with beautiful animation.

Fantastic Voyage
The team behind ID4 and "Godzilla" bring you a remake of this film. A team of surgeons are shrunk to microscopic size and begin a journey through the vast territory inside the human body to find the source of a spreading cancer and neutralise it.

Men in Black 2
Those 'Men in Black' are back to protect us once again from the scum of the universe. An inicident forces J (Will Smith) to restore the memory of K (Tommy Lee Jones) for his help.

Mission: Impossible 2
Sequel to the 1996 film version of the classic TV series. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and Luther Stickwell (Ving Rhames) create a new MI team. Directed by John Woo.

Planet of the Apes
A modern remake of the first movie in the cult 5-part film series. Three astronauts awaken from deep sleep to find their vessel has crashed on a planet where man is at the level of savages, and slaves to an entire civilisation of apes who have developed speech and technology.

Raiders of the Fallen Empire
The fourth Indiana Jones film. No word on the plot yet, though rumours include possible casting of Mark Hamill & Sean Connery.

Terrorists hijack a helicopter 'gunship' and hold Los Angeles hostage, threatening to destroy a building every half hour till their demands are met. Only a Special Rescue member and a news reporter can stop them, as they pursue.

The strange death of a young man pulls a female journalist into the middle of the ultimate battle between heaven and hell, a battle in which she seems to be holding the key to who wins, and so both sides want her dead - but who is on who's side?.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Based on the novel by Douglas Adams. Arthur Dent (Jim Carrey) becomes the last human alive after Earth is destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

The Mummy
Based on the novel by Anne Rice. Ramses the Damned is brought back to the land of the living and the daughter of an English archaeologist who found him, teaches him the ways of the world.

The X-Files II
With 'The X-Files' permanently closed, Agents Mulder and Scully must go it alone to once and for all discover the truth about the conspiracy and the truth of alien existence.

Thunderbirds 2000
The Tracy family are of the unusual sort. Equipped with hi-tech vehicles, they scour the globe to help stop disasters or dangerous criminal. They are....The Thunderbirds.

Twister 2
The tornado chasers are back, and are trying to find a way to protect buildings against twister damage.

A group of genetic mutants have joined together to show the world they shouldn't be feared. Now they must train the tempremental newcomer Wolverine, and stop the evil outcast 'Magneto' before he carries out his plans.

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