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TUESDAY, JANURARY 27, 9 A.M. - Dave and Remy took off Monday morning, and because I'm such an out-of-shape weakling, I sat around the hotel room all day Monday reading and eating pain candy (Advil). Snow was falling all day so I knew Tuesday would be a good one. Kay and I hit the slopes by 9, heading over to Apres Vous for Kay's first run steeper than the beginner stuff. There was only 4" of fresh snow, so they groomed most of the runs, and Kay did well, keeping up with me most of the time. We cruised the easy stuff and took turns taking pictures on each other on the slopes (disposable cameras rule!). We ventured over to some of the other chairs and it started to snow pretty heavily. Visibility went to near zero and we tore up some bowls off the caspers chair. We stopped for lunch at the mid-mountain lodge and got some great food and a good view of the snow falling. After lunch, we hit the bowls a few more times, which seemed to accumulate a couple of inches of new snow. We skied all over the mountain and Kay was ripping it up, even showing off her top-secret stopping technique several times. I caught a toe edge during one of our numerous traverses across the mountain, knocking the wind out of me and bruising a rib in the process. It's a good kind of pain though, still reminding me of those great times on the mountain.
     We took off Wednesday morning to a clear day with some of the warmest temps all winter for them (about 40 F), with spring conditions on the mountain.

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