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SUNDAY, JANURARY 25, 9 A.M. - Dave and I get up to the lifts while Remy and Kay go cross-country for the day. Eight inches of fresh is awaiting us and the visibility is pretty good. Luckily there is no wind either. Dave hadn't been on skis for over 3 years so we hit the mellow intermediate stuff (which by California ski area standards is pretty steep), riding the Apres Vous chair throughout the day. After one run, its obvious that this is indeed a Super Sunday, loads of powder to track up all over the place. It starts snowing heavily around 11am, but then subsides and we continued to have good light. I tried every run off Apres Vous then we had lunch. We went up the gondola then worked over to the Thunder chair. By now it was about 2 o'clock and my and Dave's legs are burnt. On the last run, Dave crashes his brains out and we lose each other. I trudge down to the bottom, crashing a few times myself then find Dave back at the hotel. Repeated runs at Jackson are like no other. I had probably never skied that much vertical in a day in my life. Kay and Remy came back stoked on cross country skiing (first time for both) and we watched the super bowl and drank a few brews and ordered pizza.

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