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SATURDAY, JANURARY 24, 8 A..M. - I jumped up, got some breakfast and got into the lift lines for opening at 9, set to enjoy the 6" that fell during the night. I went for the new Bridger Gondola, which is awesome, ten minutes to the base of headwall, with good bowl runs on both sides of it, and warm and cozy inside the sheltered cars. I got onto the third car up. At the top, visibility was crap. I was going down runs staring at the snow but seeing nothing but white. I eventually got used to the nothingness, and motored down the slopes with my knees bent, eating up the bumps and moguls I couldn't possibly see. After a couple of runs the wind came up. Really up. The tram and every chair except the bunny slope lift and the gondola closed due to wind. It was no fun out there, not just poor visibility, but 30 mph gusts stinging you with snow, so I came down after a couple of hours and got a full refund (woo hoo!). Kay took a lesson to get back up to speed and she had a lot more fun than she thought she would. Snow started to really fall so we got some lunch (it took a day, but we found a place with good vegetarian food). Getting food every night became an adventure as we looked for non-meat dishes at the local joints. Deer-filet this and Moose burger that seemed to be on everyone's menu. Dave and Remy met us later that night to share the slopes for a couple of days

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