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News about this site

(August 17, 1998) - I will be updating this entire site soon, adding lots of new information I've gathered recently. Among the new info are Havasupai Information Brochures. If you request info from the Havasupai Reservation via mail, they will mail you some brochures. A kind visitor emailed me the brochures that he converted to text files, and I thank him greatly. Also the site will get a makeover, here's what it might look like (but will probably change significantly before replacing this site)

(April 13, 1998) - I updated the Tips page, I have received a lot of great questions that I thought I should share with everyone. If anyone wants to contribute to it, feel free to drop me a line.
     I will continue updating the pages this week, and I may be adding a bunch of new photos I recently came across while cleaning out my hard drive. I'll let everyone who has recently mailed me know when the new photos are up. I want to hear from all the people going to Havasupai this spring, if anyone wants to contribute a story or some photos, contact me and I can scan them in and post them to the site for you. If anyone wants to be notified when this site gets updated, please leave me a message and I will contact you when changes are made.

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