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Havasupai Travel Information

(Seligman is the closest town to the trailhead, this is information submitted by a visitor to this site, all about Seligman.)


Getting There
     Another railroad town, Seligman (pop. 510) also now relies more on ranching and tourist business.  The first residents arrived in 1886 and called their place ‘Prescott Junction,’ because a rail line branched south to Prescott The Prescott line was later abandoned, but the town survived...  Accommodations and Campgrounds Nearly all businesses lie along Chino Avenue.  Places to stay include Bil-Mar-Den Motel (just east of town; tel.  422-3470); Motel Deluxe (203 E. Chino Ave.; tel. 422-3244); Canyon Shadows Motel (114 E. Chino; tel. 422-3255); Romney Motel (122 W. Chino; tel. 422-3294); Supai Motel (134 W. Chino; tel. 422-3663); and Navajo Motel (west edge of town; tel. 422-3204).
     Seligman KOA, just east of town, has a swimming pool and showers; $11.60 tent, $15.30 RV w/hookups; tel.  422-3358. Northern Arizona Campground, on the west end of town, charges $8.40 for tents or RVs without hookups and $11.55 w/hookups; tel. 422-3549." [ Arizona Traveler’s Handbook, Bill Weir. June 1992. ]

Phoenix to Flagstaff (I-17)

     146 miles (Rand McNally)

     142 miles (H.M. Gousha)        146 miles

Phoenix to Williams (I-17 and I-40)

     169 miles (Rand McNally)

     165 miles (H.M. Gousha)     = 169 miles

Williams to Ash Fork (I-40)

     19 miles                     = 188 miles

Ash Fork to Seligman (I-40)

     21 miles                     = 209 miles

Seligman to Indian Route 18  (Rte. 66)

     26 miles                     = 235 miles

To Hualapai Hilltop (Indian Route 18)

     64 miles                     = 299 miles

(Est. 5 hours driving)


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Lodge info
Sierra Club info (not written by the Tribe)
Travel info (written my R. Cymbala, who was kind enough to send all this to me)


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