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SEASON HOURS 7am - 7pm (MNT standard time)
WINTER HOURS. 9am - 4pm (MNT standard time)

Season fees April 1 - Oct. 31st

Entrance Fee $15 per person (one time fee)
Camping Fee $10 per person/per night
*plus a 5% Tribal Sales tax

Off-Season fees Nov. 1 - Mar 31st

Entrance Fee $12 per person (one time fee)
Camping Fee $9 per person/per night
* plus a 5% Tribal Sales tax

NOTE The prices above are non negotiable. Our office is not authorized to offer any discounts or group rates. Children 7 years of age or under are free of charge. Also, the Tribe does not charge Native Americans. Proof of Tribal membership required upon check in.

How to make reservations To secure camping reservations please call (520) 448-2141 or 448- 2121. Line is constantlv busy so keep trying!

So that we may better serve you please have ready your dates and the # of people you are planning to reserve for at the time. Our office starts with a whole new booking for each new year the busiest times are March, April, May and June. Also for September and October. Especially the holiday and/or weekends. So, you may want to call at least 2 months prior to your desired date.

A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required six (6) weeks prior to your reserved date.

This deposit can be made using a VISA/MASTERCARD or through the mail with a MONEY ORDER OR CASHIER’S CHECK. NO PERSONAL CHECKS! If you do not remit a deposit on the due date your reservation will be automatically canceled. A confirmation letter will be mailed out to you when a deposit is received.


Cancellation Policy
A reservation must be canceled two (2) weeks prior to your arrival date or before so that you may receive a full refund of your deposit. No exceptions for late notifications. NO REFUNDS to those departing prior to their scheduled itinerary.

To secure arrangements for a pack mule or a riding horse you must contact our office in advance. A fifty percent (50%) deposit is also required at the time you make the reservations.

For hikers that are not up to packing in their own supplies you can reserve a pack mule in advance. A pack mule will carry four (4) back packs or articles with a maximum weight limit of 130 lbs. For easy packing we highly recommend duffel bags. A local wrangler will pick up your bags at the trailhead at 1000 a.m. on the day of your arrival. On the day of your departure from the campgrounds the pick up time is 700 a.m.  (Please be advised that there are unavoidable delays sometimes.) All articles that are to be packed on the mule must be tagged or labeled under the party name. To reduce the risk of loss or damage during delivery please make sure all items are firmly packed and secured. Any loose items such as sleeping bags, tent poles, etc. must be packed in a bag.

For non-hikers there are riding horses available. A riding horse or mule can be reserved through our office.  The limitations on a riding horse is a rider with a maximum body weight of 250 lbs. The rider is allowed to carry a small day pack camera and/or canteen.   Excess baggage is not permitted on a riding horse.  It is required that all riders have minimal riding experience. The age limit for a rider is 10 years of age or older. An adult is permitted to ride wfth a young child no older than 5 years old.   Double riders (adult & child) maximum body weight must not exceed 250 lbs, the standard weight limit. The ride down is on steep winding switchbacks but graduates onto a rocky surface after a 1 mile and 1/2. The duration of the ride will be in a narrow canyon however you may be exposed to the hot sun occasionally. Therefore to be most comfortable please dress appropriately by wearing jeans, long sleeved shirt (cotton) and large brimmed hat or cap. Please carry sufficient amount of water in a canteen or container. Unfortunatety we cannot accommodate early pick up times at the trailhead due to distance and locality.

The Havasupai Tribe in conjunction with the Havasupai Tourist Enterprise will not assume liability for any damages or injury to person or property being transported via horse/mule services. You agree to indemnity the aforemertioned entities from any liability induding loss or injury to your person or property.

Price is the same for PACK MULE and RIDING HORSE.

Service from Trallhead (Hualapai Hilltop) to Campgrounds.
One Way In or Out
$55.00 plus 5 percent tax

Round trip
$110.00 plus 5 percent tax

Supai Village to Campgrounds
One Way In or Out 
$45.00 plus 5 percent tax

$80.00 plus 5 percent tax

PO BOX 160
SUPAI, AZ 86435


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