December 31
Y2K has come and gone for quite a few major cities around the world and nothing major has gone wrong. What a letdown. So what are people going to do with all that bottled water? How about the folks that built bunkers and were prepared to drink their own urnine? What are they going to do when nothing happens come midnight?

December 30
I don't think anything major is going to happen come tomorrow at midnight, but just to be safe, I'd strongly suggest that you backup any websites you might have and do some backing up of your home machine. It's a good idea to do this periodically, and just in case you lose data on some post-Y2K reboots, it's good to know you have a backup.

December 28
I had a good holiday, hope you did too. I forgot to mention that last week, an article I wrote on mailing list etiquette went online at Digital Web magazine. Also, apparently someone really loves me out there, as today is officially my day. So what is everyone getting me for my special day?

December 20
It's funny, whenever there's a break in classes at UCLA, film crews descend on the place like locusts. Right now, they're filming the Nutty Professor 2, and every campus street is lined wall-to-wall with actors' trailers and prop trucks. If I catch Eddie Murphy or Janet Jackson doing an outdoor scene this week, I'll sneak a few shots with my digital camera. Last year, an episode of Party of Five was shot outside my office (I took the Pof5 photos for a friend who is in love with the Charlie character).

December 19
In a couple weeks, I'll be heading up to SF to attend MacWorld and catch up with some friends. Aside from my first computer, an Apple ][ (e or c, I can't remember), that I received in 1979, I've never owned a Mac. So why am I going to this Apple event? To quote Monty Burns: "I keep my friends close, and my enemies even closer." (note: I'm kidding here, I have no OS allegiance)

December 15
This year, I wanted to do something nice for all the web authors that don't get rewarded (monetarily) for what they do. I was originally going to buy $10 gift certificates or a CD for everyone, but then I thought giving to charity was probably a better idea. So I donated money in others' names using's online service. I checked out several charities and several sites that allow you to give to other charities and theirs seemed to be the best. The ordering process wasn't as smooth as I would have liked, but everything worked out in the end and I'm happy.

December 9
A group of folks from the mailing list decided to do something to protest etoys's recent actions. One person purchased a domain, another setup web space, a couple people wrote some articles and I designed the site. Keep that boycott going.

December 8
ugh. I've been stuck in jury duty all week, and I'm getting kicked out of every jury box I sit on. Since a few friends and relatives are lawyers, I'll never get on a jury. But even so, I still have to go each day, which is no fun at all. Here's my thoughts on the process of serving in LA (I'm mathowie, the person that started the thread on that page).

December 5
The server this site resides on is going to physically move tomorrow morning, and will probably be unreachable for 3-5 hours, but should be back up in the afternoon.

December 3
I'm doing all my holiday shopping online this year, but I'm making a point to boycott etoys. You should too and here's why.