About me
November 2000

I work at Pyra, helping code and design Blogger. I code ASP, XML, XSL, XHTML, CSS, ColdFusion, and PHP. I design in Photoshop (almost all design), Illustrator, Flash (very little), and Pagemaker. I use windows, mac, and linux boxes at some point each day. I used to work at UCLA, before giving up on the environmental work I did previous to working on the web.

I created MetaFilter, and am working on a whole host of other related sites there.

I write my daily thoughts here, longer thoughts here, my discussion related thoughts at MetaFilter, and put my photographs here.

I've written articles at Digital Web, A List Apart, Evolt, and Slashdot.

I've spoken at SXSW and participated in the Cool Site in a Day competition at Web2000.

I'm 28, recently married, and living in San Francisco. I grew up in Southern California, spending most of my life in Orange County (hated every second of it), Riverside (loved it except for the smog), and LA (weather was nice, but the city was dull as dishwater) before moving up to the Bay Area.

Outside of programming and design, I love cycling, running, hiking, climing, and snowboarding.

Much of my daily surf list is here.