March 18, 2000

I spent all day doing load after load of laundry and cleaning my apartment, knowing that someday soon I'll have to depart LA for the Bay Area, and the fewer things you have, the easier that is. Why can't it be this easy:

c:\> format apartment

I'm also working on a whirlwind summary of SXSW for the other section of this site, hopefully I can get it done and up tomorrow.
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March 17, 2000

Several times in the last few months, jack has mentioned on his site girls from parties he wished he talked to, and it always ended with something like "email me if this is you." I used to tell him his chances were at least a million to one.

When he wrote about the mystery girl from SXSW, I thought he might have a chance, but the odds were still against him. Well, I couldn't be happier for him right now, because he actually made contact with her. jack's one hell of a lucky guy.
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March 16, 2000

Oscar Brown Jr. is going to be at The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles next week. He's the most amazing storyteller and singer I've ever seen (and I've seen him perform 3 or 4 times before), it still surprises me he's not a household name. He's got important stories to tell and his presentation of them is engaging to say the least. If you can go, do so.
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Jiminy Jilikers! I'm quoted in a story of the weblogs panel, running at Yahoo, how cool is that? I suppose I should give some added context to the quote that was made. I can't remember if I said that during our attempts to define a weblog (it can't be defined, so just let it go), or when we talked about how much personal stuff you put into weblog writing. For the record, Metafilter is the classic weblog plus discussion (however, it doesn't help you build your own weblog, it lets you contribute to one giant weblog. If you want your own weblog, check out blogger and editthispage), and I prefer to keep this site as a place to post personal updates and things I'm working on, which is part of why I said I never considered it a weblog.
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Never in a million years did I think building MetaFilter would lead to conversations like this. Simply amazing.
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I finished uploading my photos from Austin, and put them all in one central place.
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March 15, 2000

Today, I quit my job.
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March 14, 2000

So I just left the last party of SXSW (there was one more, but I'm completely running on empty and decided that the night before I have to get up and leave at 5am should be the first night I'm not out drinking free dotcom beers). The conference was incredible, I met over 30 people I knew really well by email and the web, and I got to meet all my old-school idols of the web as well. I'll be writing more about it, and posting the rest of the shots tomorrow.

Also, when I get back tomorrow, I'll have some very big news. Stay tuned.
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March 13, 2000

Today was a another fun day of panels at SXSW. PeterMe's first panel was terrific, it was especially great to hear Steve speak, he's the best. Peter's second session was (and will continue to be, I bet) the best session of the entire conference. It was a high-minded philosophical discussion of interfaces and people interacting with computers. Amazing, amazing stuff.

Superstar watch: last night, I saw Janeane Garofalo in my hotel's lobby, walked right past, but didn't say hi (damn! why didn't I!?! I worship her!), and then this morning Brig and I had breakfast right next to Matt Stone, the guy with the brown curly hair that does SouthPark with Trey Parker. Matt and Trey are a couple idols of mine, since they do their own thing and always fuck with rules in Hollywood. I wanted to tell Matt how stoked I was to hear the upcoming Academy Awards show will be featuring an uncensored version of "Blame Canada!", but I didn't want to do the weird superfan thing and interupt his business meal.

Tonight's dinner was fun, and the after parties were pretty good, but a little crowded and smoky. There's nothing better than free Shiner Bocks. I think I'll be attending SXSW until I die now. I'll post more pics tomorrow or the next day, when I get back to LA. Oh, tomorrow's the weblog panel, which I'm looking forward to, but after meeting everyone, I don't know what's left to talk about.
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ugh. I feel like Keith Richards looks. ugh.
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It's almost 3:30am in Austin, and I can't sleep. So instead of dozing, I uploaded, optimized, and captioned all my photos from Sunday, Day 2 of SXSW. My loss is your gain.
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I finally got my pics from Day 1 of sxsw online. Today (day 2) was fun. I got to see several fine panels and afterwards, we got our first taste of good food in Austin (for some reason, every meal so far has been a nightmare). Ben Brown pointed us to Guero's, which kicked ass. After that the gang hit the Frog Design party for plenty of rhythm, fun, and free shiner bocks. Pics of that to come tomorrow...
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March 12, 2000

I'm off to this morning's sessions (damn central time...), but I haven't yet said what it's like to meet dozens of people that you "know" on the web. It's kind of strange in a way; you know everything about someone and they can know everything about you, as if you're two friends that have known each other for decades and you're familiar with all of each others stories, so there's nothing to say...but thankfully, there always is something to say. Yesterday I got to meet a bunch of great people, and the deepleap party was fun. I forgot to thank Lane, Ben and Bryan (who I didn't actually get a chance to talk to) for thowing such a nice shindig for the web folks, so thanks.
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