February 25, 2000

Recently, I've met a type of web worker I didn't know existed. Everyone I know working the web has a passion for hypertext, a love of communication, and senses the "community" of the internet. But I suppose I've been lucky to meet people that shared that passion. There exists a population of people that "do" the web, but don't "get" the web. People that build sites professionally from 9-to-5, but don't have a personal site, and sometimes not even a personal computer. They take part in the web, but they're only contributions are those tied to business ventures.

They're an odd lot.
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February 24, 2000

I couldn't have planned today in my wildest dreams (or worst nightmares). I was having a nice, normal day until my father emailed a friend and frequent poster to MetaFilter, who then posted a photo of me as a kid. That would have been all well and good if it were a normal harmless photo, but it wasn't. It was a photo I hadn't seen in years, a photo that instantly reminded me why I didn't have a completely normal childhood. It brought back a lot of painful memories that I didn't even know I still had in me. To me, the photo represents a lost childhood in some ways. When I was a kid, I didn't play much sports because I wasn't allowed. I couldn't enjoy myself when I played or goofed off because there was always the threat of a horrible accident looming over me. The photo, while it looks harmless, marks the precise point at which my having a perfect childhood stopped being a possibility.

My Dad didn't know any of this, he probably thought it was just a cute and embarrasing photo. The fact that he didn't know it brought up many more issues. Issues of communication between him and I, and issues about a lack of understanding of one another.

It's a lot to think about for me, and frankly, I'm exhausted from going over these things in my mind.
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February 23, 2000

So I had a long day today in San Francisco, and something odd happened. I checked weather.com before I left, and there was a week of rain forecast for SF. So I went fully prepared....and it turned out to be sunny and warm today in SF. And then, as I'm enjoying the sun's warmth around 5ish, waiting for my flight back to LA, it gets cancelled. Because of weather. Yeah, you read that right, "weather" in LA, so bad they cancelled a flight.
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February 21, 2000

I hope you're having a good six dollar holiday, I know I am.
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February 20, 2000

Last night's concert was great, if you've never heard Mose Allison before, you really should check him out.

I wasted a good part of the day rewriting some code at MetaFilter, making information about previous comments and links actually useful. Next to come for that site will be previews and editing of posts for users, email integration so users can know when someone comments on their post, and a new design/colorscheme.
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