I build stuff on the Internet

MetaFilter is my most famous site, since it's rather large and has been around for over 10 years. It's a community weblog, and one of the very first blogs to feature things like comments and multiple authors. Since it started in 1999, the site has grown to include the popular question and answer forum Ask MetaFilter as well as areas for musicians to share their work among other things.

Fuelly is a social website that lets you share and compare your fuel economy with others. Prospective car buyers in the market for a new vehicle can browse any and every car in the system to see real-world mileage numbers from drivers. Those looking to increase their economy can track their mileage at the pump using SMS or the mobile web app. There is also a forum for users to talk to each other and a list of tips to save fuel.

I sometimes fancy myself a writer

A Whole Lotta Nothing is my personal blog, one I've been writing since early 2001. Follow along to stay up to date on the things I'm thinking about, the things I'm enjoying, and as of late, the progress of my brain tumor. I also post daily links to interesting sites using pinboard.

Twitter has almost single-handedly killed my daily blogging, so I post quite a bit on Twitter where I go by the handle of: @mathowie.

I've also written and contributed to several books and I've written for the New York Times.

I love photography

Back in 2003, I started a daily photoblog called Ten Years Of My Life with the intention of sharing photos from my life for the following ten years. After about two years of daily posting, I had a daughter and it sucked up all my free time so the site went on hiatus for a year or two. I recently relaunched it as a gallery of my favorite photos as they come in.

My Flickr account is where you will find thousands of photos uploaded to the service since 2004. You will also find my collections of sets including loads of bike races and general cycling photos, as well as photos of my family and friends, and shots from around the backyard.

I like bikes. A lot.

Buy Local Cycling is an Oregon-based bike team I sponsor. The team is focused on riding bikes built with as many locally-built, owned, and sourced parts as possible. Our team of about 15 riders races at cyclocross and mountain bike events across the Pacific Northwest.

You can also become a fan of our team on Facebook.